the slowdown: The “Good” White People

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2 thoughts on “the slowdown: The “Good” White People”

  1. Don’t, please don’t, be too hard on yourself. We live out our days – if we’re lucky, we learn every day. Every day. There is no typical Oklahoman (me), no typical Canadian (you). We each have time to grow and change – if we’re very lucky!

    1. I think that’s a big part of where I’m coming from – trying to learn and work through these ideas as they arise. You’ve known me for long enough to know that, for whatever reason, I find value in figuring these ideas out in public (even if that public only largely consists of you – haha). But hopefully that process sparks thought and conversation among the friends I share this stuff with. So far it hasn’t hurt. I want to keep going and see what kind of action will follow from putting our heads together on matters.

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